16 October 2012 Belgrade – Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) in cooperation with EXCHANGE 3 Programme and with the support of MISP (both programmes financed by the European Union), supports improvement of municipal capacities in the process of introducing standards and preparing for EU accession. Significant results have been achieved in the previous period, related to development and financing of local infrastructure through the development of SLAP Information System and support to the emission of first municipal bonds in Serbia.

As part of these activities, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities organized a National Conference “Financing Infrastructure on the Local Level – Opportunities and Challenges”, on 16th of October 2012, in the Belgrade Sava Center.

The Conference was primarily aimed at mayors, heads of budget and financial departments, members of local administration responsible for infrastructure and project development, as well as other interested participants. Plans and opinions of the line ministries for the upcoming period – Ministry for Regional Development and Local Self-Government and Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection were also presented. Representatives of municipalities had an opportunity to participate in panel discussions on two topics: “Infrastructure projects at the local level – priorities for financing” and “Municipal bonds – instrument for supporting infrastructure development”.

All presentations can be downloaded at www.slap.skgo.org