5 November 2012, Belgrade – Supported by the EXCHANGE 3 and MISP IPA 2008 Programme, the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities organized the third meeting of SLAP Coordinators in Belgrade hotel “Palace” on 5 November, 2012. The participants of the meeting, SLAP coordinators from municipalities and cities, as well as those from regional development agencies across Serbia, were presented with the new information and instructions for using SLAP IT system and the plans for future work. The attendees were presented with plans and activities of the Ministry of Energy Development and Environmental Protection, the ways in which IS SLAP is used by the Ministry in planning EU and international aid and with the instructions for the registration of projects in the field of environmental protection.
Annual meetings of SLAP coordinators are held since 2010 and they represent a forum for meeting and sharing experiences between SLAP coordinators as well as for notification on updates and plans in the work of information systems. The meetings are also an opportunity for presentation of plans and activities of line ministries in the development of local and regional infrastructure and for consideration of funding options for projects.
SLAP coordinators had the opportunity to share their experiences in using SLAP, make suggestions for improvement and become familiar with the most common difficulties in registering projects under the three sub-sectors of the environment – waste management, waste water and water supply. On this occasion, sectoral questionnaires in the area of business infrastructure were presented and updated. They are available in the information system of SLAP since September 2012 along with the instructions for entering projects in the fields of industrial and technological areas and parks, tourism, and business incubators.
Supporting employees in local government and regional development agencies in the preparation of projects and using SLAP will be provided through trainings to be organized by the EXCHANGE IV and Infrastructure Support Programme to Local Government (MISP IPA 2010), funded by the European Union. During 2013 and 2014, the program will organize a series of trainings for project preparation, as well as special workshops for SLAP coordinators.


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