Belgrade, 25 February 2013 – Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities organized the Forth Meeting of SLAP Coordinators on 25th of February, in Hotel “M” in Belgrade, with support from Exchange 3 and assistance of MISP IPA 2010.

Meeting was attended by more then ninety SLAP coordinators from cities and municipalities from all around Serbia. Results of SLAP information system achieved through the Exchange 3 programme were presented, with the plans for further development of the system through the Exchange 4 programme.

Representatives of Department for Tourism of the Ministry for Finance and Economy presented the Ministry priorities for development of tourist infrastructure, current activities and opportunities for financing municipal projects. Modifications to the SLAP questionnaires were presented, together with the requirements for registering and updating environmental projects, in line with Line Ministry requirements. Trainings to be organized by MISP IPA 2010 programme were also presented and discussed.

Participants used the opportunity to exchange their experiences in using the System, and talk about difficulties they face in identifying, formulating and registering projects, with presentations made by representatives of Zitiste, Velika Plana and Regional Development Agency “Jug”.

Presentations can be downloaded here.

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