10 June 2013, Belgrade 

“EnE13/ENV.net” Conference Held

The Message of the EnE13/ENV.net Conference: profession, education and partnership should be the basis of environmental protection activities

More than 120 participants at the Conference “Environment to Europe”, which was held on 10th June 2013 in Belgrade, are committed to the idea that the environment sector and activities of environment involvement into other sectoral policies should be based on knowledge and professionalism. The importance of education in the environmental protection and sustainable development, as well as the need of funds allocation to this sector and continuity in this, were specifically emphasized. Various important topics in environmental sector were presented and discussed at the conference. The conference was registered by IUNEP, as an event celebrating the World Environment Day.
The Minister of Energy, Development and Environmental protection Professor Zorana Mihajlovic, in her speech, emphasized commitment to strengthen the environmental sector. Most attention was paid to her statement that a budgetary fund for environment would soon be established. The Minister recalled that in the environmental protection of Serbia there were three priorities – the question of waste management policy, promotion of recycling industry and resolution of serious pollution problems present in our country for decades. She finally said that the main task of the ministry, as well as the Serbian government, was to work together in order to raise the “environmental” awareness and “environmental” security.
Head of the Economic Cooperation Department of German Embassy in Serbia Mr. Christoph Eichen particularly stressed that protection of the environment was one of the most challenging chapters in the accession to the European Union and the local authorities had a key role in the implementation of regulations and standards in this area. A representative of the EU Delegation in Belgrade, the Advisor to the Minister Mr. Andrew Headey, commented on the importance of the capacity for the implementation of regulations pertaining to the environment, pointing out very important roles of local governments, businesses and public administration at all levels. Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP in Serbia Mr. Jürg Staudenmann, referred to the examples of good practice and possible solutions offered in the study of the green economy, which was the basis of a platform for the participation of the Serbian delegation in the World Conference on Sustainable Development Rio +20
In the introduction, the participants were welcomed by Mr. Ivica Radovic, Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, Mr. Zoran Sretic, a representative of the Office for European Integration of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Klaus Schmidt – Head of IMPACT Project of the German Organisation for International Cooperation, Mr. Milan Hadzic representative of the sector of environmental protection, energy and health, EPTISA – Regional Office for South-East Europe and MISP project and Mr. Dusan Stokic, secretary of the Board of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development CCIS.
MISP Programme of the European Union and activities on large infrastructure projects in the field of environmental protection were presented by the Deputy Team Leader Ms. Dragana Vasic.
The Conference was supported by: EPTISA, Hemofarm Fund and Coca Cola Hellenic, with institutional support of the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection, Ministry of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning and National Committee for Cooperation with UNESCO. Organization of the ENV.net roundtable was a part of the realization of the ENV.net project.

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