Programming & Project preparation

Improved municipal infrastructure programming and project preparation

The needs for investment are great and it is therefore necessary for all governments to obtain value for money in all investment decisions. A structured approach to project preparation is therefore necessary and such an approach is presented hereafter.

Requirements for successful implementation of a project


Unfortunately many municipalities are still not in a position to implement these requirements and therefore the MISP Programme has been devised to enhance their capabilities in achieving these three targets.

Difficulties of Local Government

The reality is linked to difficulties which most local governments have to face such as limited financial resources and weak human resource development.

  • Large investment backlogs and limited financial resources
  • Weak human resource development
  • Inefficient public utility companies
  • Lack of understanding among citizens and public servants of cost recovery issues

How MISP can assist?

The MISP programme has been created to address these issues and concrete examples on how MISP can assist municipalities are provided on the following table:

MISP has at its disposal resources which are dedicated to the above mentioned objectives and which can be mobilized to assist the municipalities. Examples of such resources are indicated below:

  • Poll of local and international experts from different fields,
  • The SLAP Information system,
  • Cooperation of other programmes and IFI’s.
  • European Union support (Especially trough EU Programmes IPA 2008, IPA 2010, IPA 2011 :


EU Projects in Serbia
EPTISA Projects in Serbia


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