The MISP Programme cycle began in 2003 with the Municipal Infrastructure Agency Support Programme. It continued through the CARDS 2006 MISP and the IPA 2008 MISP which follows on from this. The Programme as a whole has four goals:

  • To assist in developing infrastructure policy and coordination mechanisms,
  • To develop the project pipeline and it’s management mechanisms,
  • To develop municipal capacity to prepare projects,
  • To carry out the highest priority projects.

The overall objective of MISP IPA 2010 is to contribute to the decentralization process and to prepare Serbian Municipalities for EU accession.

The main purpose of MISP IPA 2010 is to:

Main components of MISP IPA 2010:

So far, MISP program has developed Feasibility Studies for the following projects:

  1. Free Zone South Logistics Center Niš, March 2014, MISP IPA 2010
  2. Protection of Lake Bovan Catchment Area, June 2014, MISP IPA 2010
  3. Zrenjanin Regional Waste Management System, October 2014, MISP IPA 2010
  4. City of Zrenjanin Waste Water Management Project – Approval in Progress
  5. Municipality of Apatin Industrial Zone – Approval in Progress


  1. LESKOVAC – Waste Water Collection and Treatment Project
  2. KOLUBARA – Regional Water Supply Scheme;
  3. VELIKA PLANA / SMEDEREVSKA PALANKA – Regional Water Supply Scheme


More information @ MISP FACT SHEET


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