SLAP Information System

In cooperation with the EU Exchange Programme and Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, MISP developed the first national database for municipal infrastructural project – SLAP INFORMATION SYSTEM.

The core element of the SLAP IS is the transparent scoring system following the latest EU/International guidelines and developed in close cooperation with competent national institutions – Line Ministries. Through a network of officially appointed SLAP Coordinators, Municipalities can register priority local and regional projects online, in order to present them to potential financing partners. The questionnaires and project reports provide an insight into project main features, objectives and beneficiaries, its integration into appropriate national and/or local strategies, as well as its maturity level. Registered project information can be updated to follow the project development and when new more detailed information is available. Using data provided in the questionnaires, projects can be scored through several groups of criteria, so that their relative quality and maturity can be assessed. Added option of using a weighting system for scoring environmental projects, together with a highly customizable search and filtering system, assures that the database can be used by a wide range of stakeholders.

SLAP IS provides data on the investments at the local level in the two key pillars of sustainable development – environmental protection and economic development. Municipalities are encouraged to register priority projects within a framework set by the Line Ministries, assuring necessary coherence of information and alignment with national policies.

PROJECTS in SLAP IS are organised in three sectors:

  1. Economic infrastructure – to stimulate economic growth and business activities (industrial zones, technological and industrial parks, logistics centers, business incubators, tourism, etc.);
  2. Environmental infrastructure – to improve quality of the environment and related utility services in municipalities and contribute to overall health of the community (water supply, waste water, solid waste management, remediation etc.).


Nedeljko Ćurić
SLAP IS Manager
Phone: +381 11 3223 446
Mob: +381 64 8703 350





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