Feasibility Studies

Municipal infrastructure projects are identified and scored within the MISP program, based on the level of maturity and suitability for potential financing, through SLAP information system. Upon the selection of projects that could be supported by EU, MISP consultants provide advisory support to municipalities and PUC’s followed by the development of  Terms of Reference for the subsequent Feasibility studies which shall be in line with republic and EU standards.

So far, MISP program has developed Feasibility Studies for the following projects:

  1. FS Duboko Solid Waste Management Project 5 March 2007, MIASP
  2. FS Pirot Muntina Padina Landfill 27 April 2007, MIASP
  3. FS Regional Solid Waste Management System Sremska Mitrovica/Šabac 12 November 2007, MIASP
  4. FS Vrbas Waste Water Treatment and Sewage Collection 21 November 2007, MIASP
  5. FS Leskovac Wastewater Collection & Treatment Water Supply Extension 13 December 2007, MIASP
  6. FS Regional Solid Waste Management System Toplica District 19 December 2007, MIASP
  7. FS Rasina District Regional Water Supply 24 December 2007, MIASP
  8. FS Šabac Waste Water Treatment Project 31 December 2007, MIASP
  9. FS Intermunicipal Water Supply Project – Pčinja District 31 August 2009, MISP
  10. FS Integrated Tourism Development Infrastructure in the Vlasina Lake area 15 September 2009, MISP
  11. FS Kolubara Regional Water Supply Scheme 15 December 2009, MISP
  12. FS Revitalisation of Golubac Fortress, 13 December 2011, MISP
  13. FS Novi Pazar Waste Water Management System Phase 1, 10 September 2011, MISP
  14. FS Vladičin Han Regional Industrial Zone South, 11 February 2012, MISP
  15. FS Raška Water Management, 2012, MISP IPA 2008
  16. FS Pirot Logistics Center January 2013, MISP IPA 2008
  17. FS Čačak Waste Water Treatment Plant, 2014, MISP IPA 2008
  18. FS Priorities in Water Supply and Urban Wastewater project in Pomoravlje Region – Approval in progress
  19. FS Visitors center for Felix Romulijana – Approval in progress


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