MISP Environmental Protection Campaign


MISP (Municipal infrastructure Support Programme), funded by the EU and implemented by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, has produced materials under its project activities to be used in communication activities in order to raise awareness on environmental issues:

  • Short Documentary about environmental protection in the category of wastewater, water supply and solid waste, as well as the importance of the municipal infrastructure development in general;
  • TV commercials and radio jingles on the environmental protection in the category of wastewater, water supply and solid waste;
  • Billboards / posters with graphic design solutions displaying defined messages about environmental protection in the field of wastewater, water supply and solid waste.

The short educational documentary (27 min.), TV commercials, radio jingles and graphic design for billboards and posters include clear, targeted and effective messages about the benefits of the plants and facilities built, as well as the contributions of ordinary citizens in environmental protection in all three categories: solid waste, water and wastewater. The basic idea of these materials is to have an impact on the citizens to realize that they are responsible for the protection of natural resources and nature. The main goal is to change the culture of behavior in the population – changing bad, acquired habits in relation to the environment.

Under MISP program there are currently eight environmental projects being implemented:

  1. Regional Solid Waste Management Project Pirot
  2. Regional Solid Waste Management Project Sremska Mitrovica – Šabac
  3. Regional Water Supply Project Rasina
  4. Central Waste Water Treatment and Sewage Collection project Veliki bački kanal
  5. Waste Water Treatment Project Šabac
  6. Waste Water Treatment Project Leskovac
  7. Regional Water Supply Project  Kolubara
  8. Regional Water Supply Morava (Velika Plana/Smederevska Palanka)

More information can be found here.

All materials are supported by Government of Serbia, line ministries as well EUD. Letter of support by the Serbian Government Media Office can be downloaded here.
Letter of support by the Head of the Delegation of the EU to the Republic of Serbia can be downloaded here.

Graphic design solutions for billboards and posters in JPEG format can be downloaded here.
Radio advertisements can be downloaded here.

For a copy of the documentary film, TV commercials, as well as vector format graphic solutions for billboards and posters, please contact MISP – MISP Programme  is interested in cooperation in the promotion of environmental protection with all stakeholders:

+381 11 24 05 789

+381 63 451 416


You can follow MISP Eco news and events on our page/category “Ne prljajmo Srbiju” campaign.

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